5 Homesteading Books To Get You Started

5 Homesteading Books To Get You Started

Since we have began pursuingĀ our homesteading dream we have read a lot of books on all things homesteading. To better help you navigate all of the books out there, we have put together the following list of books that we recommend.

1. The Encyclopedia of Country Living

The Encyclopedia of Country Living written by Carla Emery is a mustĀ have! This was our first book homesteading book that we purchased and it is just such an amazing resource. This book covers everything from growing your own food, to giving birth in the wilderness, nothing is missed in this book. Check it out here –

2. The Backyard Homestead

The Backyard Homestead written by Carleen Madigan was the second homesteading book that we purchased. This is a fantastic book for both people who are just getting started with homesteading (like us) and those who have been homesteading for a while. This book is filled with all things homesteading with excellent illustrations! Check it out here –

3. The Accidental Farmers

The Accidental Farmers written by Tim Young is a book that I thoroughly enjoy. This book is about the author and his wife’s journey away from the rat race and into country living. The great thing about homesteading is that it can be done wherever you are, whether you have a lot of land or a tiny plot. In this book Tim and his wife go into great detail about moving from the city and starting a farm using very natural methods, especially with their livestock. Check it out here –

4. The Weekend Homesteader

The Weekend Homesteader written by Anna Hess is a great read for those who are working a full-time job and trying to homestead on the side. She goes through the months of the year and highlights different projects that can be done on the homestead. This is a good book to get your feet wet with homesteading before jumping fully into it. Check out this book here –

5. The Woodland Homestead

The Woodland Homestead written by Brett McLeod is a great book for anyone with an abundance of trees on their property. Brett goes into how to inventory and mange your homestead woodlot in order for it keep producing for years to come. He does a great job explaining how beneficial the woodlot is for the homestead. He talks a lot about raising livestock in the woods, growing a garden in the woods, and using the woodlot for your everyday homestead projects. Overall a great read! Check it out here –

Until next time, God Bless and Happy Homesteading!

Andrew & Maria


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