Being Prepared on the Homestead: Water

Being Prepared on the Homestead: Water

Homesteading and preparedness go hand in hand, even if you don’t realize it!

I wanted to use this post to share some of the things that I have been thinking about lately as we have been working on pursuing our homesteading dream. The more that we travel down the homestead road, the more I realize how dependent we have become and how unprepared we truly are!


Let’s face it, water is one of the most important resources that we need! With that being said, I do feel as though a lot of people, including us, take it for granted… We don’t think about all that goes into what makes our water clean and drinkable, all we do is turn on the faucet, fill up a glass, and take a drink. What if one day we turn on the faucet and nothing comes out?

We’ve always had a couple of extra gallons of water on hand, but not nearly enough for our family of 5, especially if the water was off for an extended period of time. What about our garden, what our animals? How are they going to get water? We need to think about those things as well.

So lately I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and this is definitely an area that we need to work on ourselves. I think we’ll continue to buy a couple extra gallons of water whenever we are at the store, but that water doesn’t last long in the cheap plastic containers that it comes in. I’ve been scouring Amazon the last couple of days for some ideas and here are some of the products that I’m interested in.



As I’m trying to develop our plan for water preparedness, I’m thinking about water storage, water filtration, and water purification. Whichever route we end up taking and whichever products we end up going with, we’ll need to begin to fold this into our routine so that we become comfortable with these alternate methods of getting and using water. Someday it would be great to have a well or a natural spring, but until we get to that point, we’ll need to have alternate backup water plans.

We’d love to hear what you are currently doing in this area, so please leave a comment below!

Until next time, God Bless and Happy Homesteading!

Andrew & Maria

2 thoughts on “Being Prepared on the Homestead: Water

  1. We are on well water which is totally dependent on electricity to run the pump. Last summer Hurricane Hermine left us without power for several days. Although we had plenty of drinking water on hand the lack of electricity left us without water to flush toilets and take showers. It had the potential to get pretty gross pretty fast. Thankfully the power was restored and it did not become an issue. Since that time, like you, we have been concerned with water supplies. We have plenty of redundancy built in for drinking water such as iodine tablets, boiling, and chlorine but nothing to get the well running during a long-term event. We are looking at solar to run the pump. We have a generator but who knows how long gas supplies will hold up.

    1. You bring up some good points! I’m not exactly sure how wells work, but would it be possibly to have backup manual hand pump for the well? You could get a good workout and fresh water without the need for electricity 🙂

      But yeah for the toilet situation, I’m also trying to think about how to best handle that… I’d like to create some sort of backup system where I could store X amount of gray water from dishes, laundry, showers, etc., and use that for flushes for when the water is cut off.

      Sounds like you got some great things going on at your place though, keep it up!

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