Our Dream

Our Dream

Our Homesteading Dream

So what is our homesteading dream? Our dream is the reason for this blog.

To sum it all up in one sentence would be the following –

Our homesteading dream is to live life on our own terms, to limit our dependency on the most critical components of our lives, to raise our children in a healthy and family-centered way that provides fulfilling and vast life experiences, and to praise God while enjoying this beautiful life and land that He has given us.

Homesteading is the core idea behind our dream. Let us explain in more detail!


To put it simply, God is the reason for everything around us… the singing birds, the clear blue skies, the morning dew, the calm of night, and everything in between! We believe that by homesteading we’ll be able to grow closer not only to Him but to all of the wonderful things that He has created.


To us, homesteading is all about getting back to the basics of life.

Life has become so complicated and intricate. With so many unfulfilling responsibilities, at the end of day we find ourselves worn out and wondering what we even did that day for ourselves and for our family. We mostly eat food that we have purchased from the grocery store and we often have no idea where that food even came from, or what types of chemicals or processes have been used to grow or manufacture it. We have found ourselves so disconnected from the basics that if something were to happen, would we be able to survive? Skills such as growing our own food, cooking from scratch, hunting, being able to fix things and all of the other homesteading skills that generations before us had are essential and we are working towards our dream of acquiring these skills so that our family can live life more independently.


For our family, being together is what makes us the most happy and that is why homeschooling fits so perfectly into our homesteading dream. Being with our children all day, teaching them and watching them grow is very fulfilling and rewarding.

Home Business

Everyday the daily grind of the rat race eats up our family time and forces us to go to jobs that aren’t always fulfilling. We work for someone else to earn a paycheck to pay bills while life hurries on by. Our dream of starting a home business would help us to work more together as a family, allow us to set our own hours, and have more fulfilling work.

Our hope with this blog is to share our journey as we work to become more self-sufficient homesteaders. We’ve been dreaming about it and now is the time to start putting the pieces into place. There will be times where we succeed and there will be times where we will fail, but through it all we hope that we will inspire you to follow your dreams as well.

Happy Homesteading!

Andrew & Maria

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