February 2017 Goals Recap

February 2017 Goals Recap

In this blog post we recap our goals from February and give you an update on our progress towards our homesteading dream.

Overall I think February was a very productive month for us! We had several days of nice weather that we completely took advantage of. Besides the goals we had for February, we accomplished a ton of stuff around the house including:

  • Cleared out a TON of honeysuckle in the back corner of our yard where we hope to build a shed this year
  • Repaired some fencing that has been down since we bought the house, 4 years ago…
  • Stacked a TON of firewood from 4 trees that were cut down last fall

Alright, so here is an update on our goals from February!

Get this blog up and running

We started this blog at the end of January to share our thoughts, our goals and our adventures as we chase our homesteading dream of providing for ourselves, being less dependent on the system, and learning skills that have been forgotten in our generation. So we are about 1.5 months into this blog and so far I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve been trying to get at least 2 posts out per week about things I find interesting, things we’re working on, etc.

We hope you guys find this blog to be interesting and we THANK YOU so much for reading it! There is still a ton of stuff that we want to add to the blog, so check back frequently and subscribe! We hope this blog is a great resource for you (and for us) and we hope that others find the inspiration to start homesteading as well 🙂

Finish the chicken coop

I made a TON of progress on the chicken coop in the last month. It is not quite completely done, but it is just about there. Inside the coop I still need to setup the roosting boxes and the water/feeding stations. Outside of the coop I still need to setup the run, the water/feeding stations, and the quick access doors to the back of the roosting boxes for easy egg retrieval. Overall I’m loving the way the coop turned out and I’m excited to share the building process with you once it’s complete.

Sew some outfits in preparation for the birth of our daughter

Believe it or not, our new baby girl is going to be here in just 4 short weeks! We’ve been busy preparing for her arrival and my wife was able to make some cute outfits and blankets for her 🙂 It’s weird seeing pink in the house as we currently have 3 boys, but we are so excited to meet here! A lot of friends and family have also been extremely generous and have bought outfits for her as well.

Finish setting up our homeschooling room

The homeschooling room is about 95% complete! We had transitioned our (underused) family room into a homeschooling room last month because we wanted a centralized place for all of our homeschooling stuff, other than the dining room table! We are really happy with how this turned out and it has been extremely functional. We have organized bins of all the supplies, we have an area to hang the children’s artwork, we moved all of the books (that were scattered over the house) into the room, and it’s all just working out so good. Pictures to come soon!

Figure out how to make less trips to the grocery store

I think we just about nailed this one on the head as well! As long as we can remember we have been going to the grocery store once a week. To cut down on unnecessary trips and to have more food stored on hand we decided to only go every 2 weeks to the store. We are not completely where we want to be quite yet, but we are a lot better off than we were. One of these days when we start producing a lot more of our own food, we might be able to cut this down to once a month! 🙂

In the next couple of days we’ll be posting our goals for March… I know we’re already a week into March, but stay tuned!

Until next time, God Bless and Happy Homesteading!

Andrew & Maria

4 thoughts on “February 2017 Goals Recap

  1. Great work on your 2017 goals! As the mother of three boys, I can empathize with the shock of having pink in the house 🙂 Whenever we get a visit from little girls (cousins, friends of my kids) I’m reminded just how much our house is set up around having all boys. Luckily we have plenty of toys that girls enjoy too, like legos. Best of luck with the upcoming arrival, and keep up those goals!

  2. Drive on! Congrats on all the accomplishments. The whole grocery store thing is one we are still tweaking as well. We added a decent sized freezer in the garage (it took up some of my valuable gym space) and that has seemed to help a great deal. We are trying to limit grocery store visits only when we have other business in town, such as doctor appointments or haircuts. We have one on the way as well but not as far along as yours so we are going to try even harder to really start limiting the trips to the grocery store.

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