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Sick Kids and Busy Work

Sick Kids and Busy Work

Sick kids, and busy work! That pretty much sums up our last week and a half…

This is the first post in while, well in about a week and a half I guess, so it’s nice to be back at it!

Sick Kids

As the title of the post suggests, our children have been pretty sick recently… it started with one and then all three of them caught it. They have some sort of stomach bug, no fever, but it has been a persistent little bug that just won’t seem to go away. As a matter of fact, it’s been a number of days since any of the kids showed any signs of it, so I took the kids out hiking last night… We were about 10 minutes into the hike and out of nowhere the middle child, he’s 3, barfs after showing no signs of anything whatsoever… so we’ve been dealing with these types of situations lately and would appreciate if you could send some prayers our way!

Weird thing is, my wife and I haven’t caught this dang thing yet…

Busy Work

As if the sickness wasn’t enough, work has been extremely busy as of late! Like busy as in last week I ended up working around 60 hours… We had a huge project that we rolled out and ran into some bumps with, but it’s out there, bumps are resolved and so far so good, so I’m glad that is behind us now. Working that much in a field that I’m starting to not really enjoy much anymore is really starting to wear at me, and my mind has been hard at work thinking of possible alternatives.

Pregnancy Update

I also wanted to share an update on my wife, she’s still pregnant… she does have about 2 weeks to go until her due date, but I know she is more than ready to not be pregnant anymore. Our first 2 kids were about a week late and our third one was about 10 days early, so you just never know! But as soon as our (first) daughter arrives, I’ll be sure to post some pictures!

Until next time, God Bless and Happy Homesteading!

Andrew & Maria