Tractor Supply Chick Days

Tractor Supply Chick Days

Howdy Homestead Dreamers, I hope everyone is doing well! I just wanted to write a quick blog post about our chicken situation…

I was super excited to find out this week that our local Tractor Supply just received their chicks! I had always heard that they had chicks each year, but this year is our year! Our chicken coop is about ready, but we still have a few more things to do such as set up the brooder and pick up some organic chicken feed.

For the brooder I think we are just going to use a box or bin with bedding and a clip-on heat lamp. With the organic chicken feed we lucked out and there is a small family-owned pet store on my way home from work that carries the feed, so I’m going to be swinging by there on my way home from work to pick some up.

I was also happy to see that they have multiple breeds available. We were hoping to get either some Buff Orpingtons or some Black Australorps, and it looks like they may have both! Another great thing about the Chick Days at Tractor supply is that I believe their minimum order is 6, whereas if you buy from an online hatchery, the smallest order that I saw was 15. Being that we can only have 6 hens where we live, this is perfect.

Buff Orpington
Buff Orpingtons
Black Australorp
Black Austtralop –

We will be posting some pictures as soon as we get them, so stay tuned!

Until next time, God Bless and Happy Homesteading!

Andrew & Maria

8 thoughts on “Tractor Supply Chick Days

  1. That sounds exciting! Just a suggestion, don’t use a cardboard box as a brooder, chicks are really messy!
    Looking forward to your update!
    Have an awesome day!
    Love, Christianne

      1. The tracks look like a bobcat. We never had a problem in the past..just an occasional fox trying to dig underneath (I had livestock fending buried beneath the entire hen house so they were unsuccessful). Last week the predator actually was able to collapse the roof of the house.

        Had a game cam nearby but no pics. The only thing found were tracks around the house.

        I set up to still hunt it for a few nights but I had to travel to
        Mexico so I will have to resume when I get back.

        We are out in the woods with a great deal of wildlife. We ended up moving the entire house to my in-law’s home which is not as close to the woods. Hopefully that works.

        I guess it’s all part of the game so really take s good look at the house security.

        1. Oh wow! Thanks for the tip, I definitely need to work on the security around the coop. Where we live our biggest predators would be foxes and hawks. I hope you’re able to turn that Bobcat into a wall mount 🙂

          1. Thanks. If I do I will share the picture.

            BTW…I enjoy your site. Sounds like you are experiencing the same things we are and I look forward to more of your articles.

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